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Clinical Interventions for Counseling Children and Adolescents:

A Toolbox for School-Based Therapist and School Counselors



Book Summary:

This book is designed to provide a basic understanding of prevalent childhood disorders and issues faced by practitioners working with children and adolescents in schools. Furthermore, it is designed to provide on-the-spot counseling interventions and activities for working with these common issues. To contribute: pick a chapter topic from the list below and follow the outline provided. Submit your chapter to the email provided and sign the release form no later than August 1, 2018


List of Chapter Topics:

1. Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

2. Behavioral Disorders

3. Bullies

4. LGBTQ Students

5. Non-Suicidal Self Injury (NSSI)

6. Grief & Loss

7. Students With an Absent Parent or Incarcerated Parent

8. Child Sexual Abuse

9. ESL (English-Second-Language) Students

10. Students Struggling with Cultural Identity / Acculturation 

11. Mood Disorders

12. Non-Traditional Family Structure (e.g., children raised by grandparents, adopted children,

children with divorced parents, children of alcoholic parents, foster children, etc.)

13. Learning Disorders

14. Juvenile Delinquents 

15. Children & Adolescents Presenting with Depressive Disorders

16. Working With Parents


The topics are very broad and are meant for you to flesh out based on your own experience working with these issues. Please feel free to add a relevant topic or split the topics above into more specific issues.


What your chapter should look like:

  • Name of Chapter (Issue)

  • Name of author(s)

  • Overview (2-3 paragraphs)

    • Basic overview of the issue/disorder

    • Age of onset

    • Symptoms (give the reader an idea of what this will look like and what they can look for to determine if this is the issue)

    • Prevalence

    • Possible diagnosis attributed with this issues if relevant

    • Statistics

    • What this issue looks like for different age children if relevant

  • Interventions (include up to five original interventions that are appropriate when working with these issues). Please include the following for each intervention:

    • Purpose or rationale for using the intervention with this issue/disorder 

    • Age group best intended to be used with this intervention

    • Materials needed

    • Instructions-how to execute the intervention, including questions for processing the intervention with the child

    • Things to consider-are there any groups which you should make special considerations? What are the potential roadblocks to utilizing this intervention? Are there any ways this intervention can be modified for different ages or groups?

  • Case example

  • Bibliotherapy list of books to be given to children at differing ages who are dealing with the issue/disorder

  • List of resources-where can the reader find more information on this topic

  • References


How to submit your chapters:

Write your chapter in a word document following the outline above and the sample chapter provided (see below). Submit all documents to the email on or before August 1, 2018.


Be sure to complete the release form as well (see below).

Please reach out if you have any questions at the Contact Us page.


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Chapter Outline and Release Forms:

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